It all starts with a dream and passion.

Game Art Studio


and Hard Surface




This is our showcase video depicting Victorian London alley. Our goal was to have fun and explore endless environment and lighting possibilities within Unreal Engine 5. We created all the main props except fillers, that were taken from Megascans. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

About us

Junior: ‘Finally! We have a signal, Captain! The B2Rocks crew is ready for first contact with Earthlings. I hope you are ready.’

Captain: ‘Ready is my middle name, Junior. Let’s do it!’

‘Gamers of the planet Earth, captain of B2Rocks ship speaking. We’re entering your orbit and bringing some great news. We’ll partner with you in developing games. We heard so much about your skills and love for gaming.’

‘My crew has over 30 years of combined experience in interplanetary digital art and they’re eager to share the experience, passion, and knowledge with you.’

‘During a recent Mars visit, our sensors picked up an exciting signal from Earth. After deciphering it we’ve learned that you possess the Unreal Engine, a technology that can change gaming all over the known universe.’

‘We come in peace and bring you our intergalactic experience in 3D Environment, Game Play Assets and Props.

‘Our Game Art officers have the most essential skills and own all crucial cosmic achievements which guarantee premium quality and professionalism. My experts want to share everything they’ve learned from all corners of the known and unknown cosmos and help you develop exceptional games. Even the pampered Emperor of the Universe would be satisfied.’

‘We’re about to enter your planet’s orbit, get ready for something completely new. B2Rocks is a crew that has an answer to every question, test us and you will see the difference. ‘

‘Contact my people at any time!’

‘I hope you have an exchange for our tokens, this journey made us very hungry.’


Game Play Assets